National Van Lines transforms a major department by introducing technical innovation and operational efficiencies.


We reviewed all the procedures of a major department, developed current and future state flows, implemented a combination of operational procedures and system changes by leading a cross-functional team to engage and  embrace organizational improvement. Managing the people side of change in a structured manner was key to success.  


Chicago Community Trust implements a new technical strategy; adoption of cloud-based CRM and EDM.


We facilitated the implementation and customization of and integrated with other enterprise systems. We led the training and adoption of the new system and corresponding routines. They loved our work so much, we returned for other projects including the selection and implementation of a  new  electronic document management system. 


The City of Chicago along with two partner organizations disperse Federal funds   meant to improve public access to technology for Chicago residents.


We developed the program plan and facilitated the execution of two Federal  grants totaling over 21 million US $.  We facilitated compliance for the community organizations by exchanging best practices, monitoring and ensuring regular  communication among community members.